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Forensic Accounting & Fraud investigation Experts.


When investigating cases of fraud and embezzlement, it is essential to have a forensic accountant to provide some services throughout the process. Forensic accountants are a crucial element in an embezzlement case because they can assist with financial data and analysis and even provide evidence in court in the form of reports or testifying as a witness.

ABRAM & CO are professionals, trained and experienced with skills for investigating fraud, concealment, and misrepresentation cases.

Embezzlement is the theft of money or other items that often belong to an employer and are trusted to an employee.

Using technological resources, a forensic accountant determines if there are anything unusual or red flags that could point to fraud and then will be involved in the court proceedings by providing their expert knowledge and evidence that they have gathered throughout the investigation.

Forensic accountants can determine how the fraud occurred and how it was concealed from the employer to prevent any further issues. Our team is committed to helping our clients, and we are experienced in court and legal procedures, making the process easier and more successful for each case.

When an employee embezzles money, they find methods to steal from their employers to commit fraud without the company’s knowledge; this could be accomplished by stealing either a little at a time or a significant amount of money on one single occasion.

Whatever type of fraud has been committed, it is vital to get professional help in the form of a forensic accountant, with the services of a forensic accountant you will have someone to determine the full extent of the crime and how it has affected your finances.

Once a forensic accountant is hired, it is their job to gather all information available about the fraud case and look for anything that will be helpful for the investigation the forensic accountant will look through data and interview employees that are significant to the topic.